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Archive: October, 2011

Rugby Battle 7 – Under 11 Rugby Tournament

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

One of the Red Scorpion's Player try to make a sidestep to get off from his opponents in the Rugby Battle 7 Tournament.

Hye and Welcome back to all Rugby fanz! well..after a long time didnt post and update my site due to several works to do, so now i bring some action for you…but this time, it is not about the normal is the “Tiger Rugby” that is only for the under 12 years old.

This kind of rugby were same with the normal rugby but the thing is they want to prevent any hard injuries to the kids. So the different is the normal tackle wont occur and were changed into touch with both hand. So when an opponent touch the ball carrier, the offside line automatically exist at the place where the touch occured and all the opponent’s team mates must get back behind the imaginary offside line. So then if they were in front of the line, ther were offside and can be penalized. The others law will be the same.

So last week, one of the sport school at Perak, Malaysia organized this event that was called “Rugby Battle 7″ or “RB7″ at their school. There are about 16 teams around Perak state joined this tournament to win the RB7 cup. All the team were well trained and some of the school were very fresh in this game, so there were variety of kids and skills can be seen on that day.

The tournament at last were won by Sultan Yusuf School (SYS) and they won the cup. So let us see some of the action on that day! :)

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

One of the player scoring a try inside the 7 point box during the Rugby Battle 7's Match.

Rugby Battle 7

The Uncontest scrum were used in this game to avoid injuries between the team.

Rugby Battle 7

The opponent try to touch the ball carrier with both hand to stop them from scoring a try.

Rugby Battle 7

The Backlines still need to get back 5 metres from the scrum as the usual rugby game does.

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

Rugby Battle 7

The scrumhalf keep marking at the opponent's scrumhalf to prevent them from scoring a try.

So that’s all the action for now because i’m also one of the not much action can be captured during that day :P we will come back with more action… just with Emagraphy Pictures! :)

Location : SK Rapat Setia, Ipoh, Perak, MY

photo Courtesy By :

Afifi Arif

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